Thursday, February 19, 2015

dull-day thursday.

it's crazy how beautiful days can still be so dull. 

here in Michigan, we've had one of the coldest February's on record. And most winter days in Michigan are cloudy, cold, and 50 shades of boring.

today, though, is different. It's sunny, and the freshly fallen powder is still stark white, untouched by the salt and grime from the plows. The birds are even chirping. So why am I in such a dull funk? 

i hate being in such a mood. It's not that I'm sad, angry, confused, or anything like that... But I'm not happy, motivated, or elevated to a positive place. I'm stuck in neutral. 

maybe I'm just over winter; I'm ready for warm air, green grass, and being able to go on a run without wearing 50lbs of winter gear. Or maybe it's just one of those neutral days before I shift up to high gear. Or maybe it's nothing at all, maybe it's just a Thursday. 

either way, I still know that I'm super lucky, crazy blessed, and happy to be here. And that coffee can always turn my day around. 

happy Thursday, lovelies. 



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