Thursday, October 15, 2015

kayla itsine & a new routine.

recently i've been going through some health issues. And it's barred me from working out for the last 2.5 months.

it's really starting to get to me. Working out is very cathartic for me; it's my release, my therapy, my me-time. Not being able to work out is hard, but not being able to run is brutal.

i'm not as strong as I used to be. Physically and mentally. And I'm not ok with that.

luckily, things are changing. The meds I'm on are slowing and blunting the negatives, and I'm finally starting to feel myself again and feeling positive. So upwards and onwards!

and on to new things! I've been searching for a different workout regimen that will give me a little more of a challenge, and all everyone can talk about is this BBG.

that's the Bikini Body Guide, to all of us out of the know! It was designed by this awesome Aussie trainer Kayla Itsines. She designed the programs specifically for the female body and all of our trouble zones: bum, tum, and legs.

source: kayla itsines.

after stalking her and her cult following on insta, i've been blown away by all of the BBG users' journeys and progress. Unlike a lot of the workouts and lifestyles out there, Kayla's breeds lean and healthy results. Check out the #bbg hashtag here!

source: kayla itsines.

so far, I'm sold!!! 

have any of you tried it? What are your thoughts?!

stay tuned, lovelies! 



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