Sunday, November 16, 2014

hi. hello. and all other pleasantries.

hi. how's it going? my name is Adrienne and... Welcome to my Blog! I'm here writing this without a plan, an outline, or any idea what I'm doing. That's the fun in it though, right? So, a little about me:
I'm a twenty-something, twenty-something with little-to-no- clue of what I'm doing. I love to run and practice yoga, try new recipes, and play dress up more than I'd like to admit. Most importantly though, I love my friends, fam, and anything that involves creativity...

which brings me to this: my blog. This is going to be my place to express my creative interests, as well as yours! Don't get me wrong; this blog will be full of ramblings, misspelled words, and some wtf moments... But it will also be full of my personal beauty, style, food and exercise interests, as well as any that you guys may have. I want this place to be a fun, positive, and honest outlet so...

let's get this started!



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